Friday, February 25, 2005

Bloody hypocrites

Claimer: This blog is not for everyone one in the Universe. If you dont agree, get the fuck, off my blog!

You are a hypocrite and I know that. If you dont think so, you are wrong. I am right.

Everybody is a hypocrite. But I am not. Just kidding - Of course stupid, I am a hypocrite. Why else would I write a blog like this without revealing myself fully. But I am atleast accepting that fact that makes me better than a hypocrite - A catch 22.

But there are people who call other hypocrites. Now what is the point of calling other people hypocrites when you are one. Do you really think that anyone is listening to you. And do you really think that you are providing other people some information about the person you are talking about and doing them a favor. Well hear this asshole-NO.

No-one is listening to you! You better shut the fuck up and stop wasting other people's time.

Well I am damn right here. I had the strangest feeling of seeing raw truth when I read this page recently.

It has given me balls to write whatever I want to write, in here. Lets call it the "Window of truth".


Blogger The Kid said...

This is self comment.

I was reading my own post and I after 2 years, this one sounds so arrogant and kiddish! Not that I have grown up now... but why was so rude and that too randomly!

Saturday, September 2, 2006 at 4:26:00 PM CDT  

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