Sunday, March 06, 2005

Is the Cedar Revolution only for the girls?

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Everyone in Middle East (only) is talking about this Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and their motivation to oust the Syrian army camped there for ~30years from Lebanon. Well first of all why would an army just camp in a neibouring country wasting time, money and energy when they did lose a war with Israel. Idiots. But that was not the point of this article...

There seems to be a derth of males in this Cedar Revolution. Whenever I read any news about this revolution there seems to be plenty of sexy girls holding flags, sexy short shirted girls happily riding over men's necks and more girls with flags. Apparently the BBC has shown so much interest in these girls that they even asked some of the sexiest girls with no jobs "how they feel about life". Here is an answer: First get a job and stop talking to stupid journalist about your life until you do something in your life.

Here are some of the other sexy girls involving themselves in the Cedar Revolution here and here. Note how well the second girl in the first picture has trimmed her eyebrows. SHE IS HOT! The pictures are even named as _40887297_girls203.jpg, _40889235_protesters_afp203body.jpg. My best is this one here. How the hell did he get her hiding between the flags?

It all looks like a national party with lots of cute girls. Well either the whole revolution thing is run by girls wanting to party or the bbc camera team is horny and is taking pictures of beautiful girls. Pretty sure our muslim friends are not going to be happy about this. Well just one more proof that the media can make people see what the journalist want you to see. Fuck BBC.

All said the revolution has one more supporter now!

Here are the links for you to check out.


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