Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Misplaced anger

Again as always something changed 30 mins back. I am as I know it in an interregnum between two dominant ideas. Back to the original post before I fly away again.

I realized suddenly (when did I ever realize anything slowly?) that my English has been steadily improving in the past 6 months. But this has had bouts of helping before due to a rather harsh requirement of English proficiency for my GRE. But the main reason for the current situation is my English medium schooling and subsequently my native language got a step-motherly treatment. Or maybe, the extremely exacting teachers in my high school always giving me scores bordering the pass mark had an extremely debilitating effect on my interest in my mother tongue. Well, until 30 minutes back I was not even proud of the stauch Tamizhan that those strict teachers had developed in me.

Well, some people even pride in their ignorance of their mother tongue (esp: Tamil) and I have been that way for a while. Now, I am not trying to change the world and demand everyone to pay sudden attention to the non-Anglo-Saxon language. But I want to try to make some changes at the grass-root level. It will not have any immediate tangible effect but will be effective in bring out some rather subtle changes.

For example, I found that out of the number of blogs in Tamil, a huge chunk of it are by Elangai Tamilar. And firefox does not render the Tamil font correctly.

Maybe tomorrow, I will find a way.
Adhu varai, maarudhal thaedum muyarchiyil,



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