Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Endorsement Rescinded

I hereby, by this blog entry, rescind my previous endorsements, to Mr. Maddox and his book. I did not expect him to be funny forever, but in his book, encouraged by a publisher inspired by the popularity of his blog (will not link it) he has failed miserably in his book "Alphabet of Manliness".

It would be accurate to state that he has officially jumped the shark. He has unbashedly pandered to the stupid violent below-average american male teen. In all his 150 or so pages, not only did I not find one thing funny, but actually found him quite offensive. I guess all these years his funny (smart) way of writing had covered up for his offensive satire.

He is no longer my spiritual guru. I dont think losing a fan like me would bother him too much, when he is so busy writing self-appreciative crap.

DONT READ "ALPHABET OF MANLINESS" unless you want to rationalize your child molestation or domestic abuse. It is not funny.


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