Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anne Frank's inspiration

I was reading the book about Anne Frank's diary. This was a personal journal of this small jewish girl in German occupied territory in Europe. The moment I saw her photo on the last page, the book just came to life. At once it all made me realize that this was writen by a small girl, only the truth to be put down, until death. It became almost sacred, for it was all the words of a tiny adolescent girl writing about everything she felt.

I realized that my blog was a anything like that and anything else would be a waste of the world. I decided to take all the trash out of my blog and only the truth. Realized that it would be impossible to write a blog when actual people who are mentioned in the blog are reading it, I decided to migrate to another blog.

I will try to update this blog too. Pardon me for not providing the link.


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