Monday, September 12, 2005

Gone as in Begone

There was once a 12 year boy, whos strength was unbelievable. He was very strong because he did not have a care in the world. He was quite invincible for he did not care for his life and had indeed came back after meeting death himself and he did not care to think about it for he knew there were thousands like that coming, and still did not care. That warrior of a kid knew nothing of the word fear.

He would run, fall down and getup and run again. He never gave up, for he would hit hard, hit again and again. People really feared that kid, for he could kill with the things he knew and the things he said. He dreamed of a day when he would have a mushtache, wear glasses that he would correct often, have long hair and could still talk to people the same way. The kid had done too many things, seen too many things, heard too many things, understood too many things that people could not realize that he was still 12 years old.

The kid, for he is pure, eternal. He lives.

The kid was growing and he did not realize that for he did not care again. He remembers when he was 4 years old he wanted a bicycle one day and decided to have one right that day. He was so deperate that he rolled in the middle of a busy road to convince his dad to get him one. He can only laugh at that now for he had grown out of that!

He had one day dreamed of walking into a park on stilts, and he could actually see other people over their shoulders and people could not recognize this kid or read his age. The kid plays along in this joke and decides to see how far this could go on. When the kid tried to talk to other people he realized that there were many other kids that were playing along and most were adamantly not willing to take their stilts off and run out and play. The dream was getting boring for there were no friends and the tall-talk was not making a lot of sense. He understood what was going on and knew how to talk, but then none of that had any sanity.

Fearing a nightmare he decides to take control and takes his stilts off. People showed lots of reactions. They looked shocked, offended but then few other kids took off their stilts too, started playing and were soon friends. He plays this joke with the stilts on with everybody else. He gets confused with this joke himself for the joke had gone too far and beyond his control. He wakes up with a jerk, happy that he is still 12 years old but still very confused.

He was scared for the first time, for he cannot be 12 forever.


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