Sunday, July 17, 2005


As a man of his word, as a person of the finest calibre I have failed to uphold even basic decency. In short, I chickened out. I have failed in my duty. And this job will be nailed in the nearest future.

I will rise above ALL even if it takes heaven and earth.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Preachings Tyler Durden

I had always liked the idea of taking a break from myself and transforming into a completely different person.

So I tried one of the assignments of Tyler Durder (the personification of the free mind) and one of my own experiments.

I started a fight, that too with a female and then unconditionally lost it and made it look as real as possible. This was a well thought out experiment and I had expected myself to feel some kind of anger/dejection but I surprised myself. I am a guy who cannot stand unfairness and I did not have a single defeated's symptom. Maybe because I knew that I will be writing this blog, which may null the defeat.

The second one is a little different but interesting nevertheless. I asked and got a punch. It was not a full blown jaw cracking one but still I could feel it. I am going to explain how it felt in detail as I did to the person who hit me. I write this in such detail so that all the chickens in the world can atleast read what a punch is all about.

First everything just flashes, and you would have already lost the situation you are in. Second the jaw goes the direction of the punch, like its dislocated, and then it pulls your face to its position. Now you will be able to feel the actual pain on your jaw, which is the longer lasting one. After that you will see the world again but in a different direction. I guess this window of unconciousness is where the opponent (in a real fight)takes advantage of. The rest is the just the pain mostly accompanied a uncontrollable urge to give it back!

The above experiment was done so that I should not die even without a getting a single punch on my jaw. I hope to be in a street fight one day where I will be able to give them the same. I wish to thank the puncher for the help.