Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to get comments in my blog?

You must have heard these questions from people on the internet

How to get comments in my blog?
How to make people visit my blog?
How to get traffic to my blog?

Here are a few reasons I was thinking about
  • I do not get a lot of visitors
  • Even visitors who come do not comment (cannot really blame them)
  • Even regular readers who come to my blog, stopped coming when I took a break!

Blogging was intended to be a "journal". Where you write to yourself. Why on earth would you
want others to read stuff you write for yourself? This is the basic paradox of blogging. You
write for yourself and expect others to read it.

Why is zeoling soooo much better than blogging?
  • I am no longer confused about who I am writing to.
    When I zeole, I am always thinking about who I am writing to. I never write to myself and
    and show it to others.
  • Lots of people read my zeoles, because I always use the right channel and reach the right
  • I get lots of comments, just it reaches the right audience
If you ever find someone cribbing about not getting comments in their blog, ask them to shove it
and try zeoling ;-)

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