Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogging: Why?

Why have you stopped blogging?

My blog is 5 whole years old, and most of people who started blogging with me, have fallen silent. The ones that are still writing, my God, are you inspired to write!. But where is everyone else? I hear you saying that you got busy or some such, but I guess the idea of blogging is no longer sexy. Right now, the buzz is about twitter. Btw Mr. Twitter: you are cool. I like to tweet, but I want 1400 characters. 140 wont do.

Anyway, back to blogging, I had stuff to talk about in my blog. For 4 good years. Actually, the stuff I wanted to talk about, kept changing. Initially I was this young fellow who thought swearing was cool. Trust me, it is not. It so is not. I guess I learned my way out of it, by cracking stupid jokes. I donno man, for some reason girls like my blog. It is not a girly blog or anything and if it was anything it was MCPish. But girls loved it. I know! Girls are stupid, aren't they? ;)

And now I only write for the elite and the elderly. I am irregular and write stuff that only I seem to think is relevant. I am not getting any readers, much less comments. I know, I have even started cribbing.

I am lost now. Blogging no longer excites me as the way it used to. I seem to have lost the purpose of blogging. But wait, was there a ever a purpose to blogging?

PS: I am also sharing this article with the whole of India

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