Monday, January 02, 2006

Operation Casino-Lecture

First rule of this Operation is to talk about it.

1. Human instinct is to make fun of usually misunderstood other people's attempt at romance.
2. It spreads like a virus, mutating into horrible forms.
3. It hurts the people involved more than anyone can imagine because the worst mutated form comes back to hit the source.
4. Even if anyone stands a mute witness to such an act, he/she is part of that system and should be quarantined and neutralized immediately.
5. We have been a victim too many times and we still continue this bullshit. We are all very very pissed off. This stops right here.
6. Operation Casino-Lecture is to stop this virus. The mere mention of the name "Operation Casino-Lecture" should cauterize this infection.

I have been both a victim and a source of an epidemic. I choose to join this Operation.

Do you?