Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fanaa Vs Eye of the needle

Warning: Plot and more importantly all corny sentiments revealed.

I just saw Fanaa. I was also a major Ken Follett fan. But as soon as Aamir Khan reached that isolated house in Kashmir, I was screaming out loud that this was "Eye of the Needle" (aka Storm island) much to the discomfiture of the other people watching the movie.

Storm Island is set in World War II, and the villain is a German spy in England trying to send an important message to the Germans about a red herring that the English had planned. He gets stuck in an island because he is wounded and there is a storm. The island is occupied by a couple and their son. The husband is paralyzed (or amputee I don't remember) waist down and the marriage does not have any love. There is also servant who lives on the other end of the island (about 1 mile away) with a transmitter. The villain tries to reach there and transmit the message to the German submarine offshore. The husband and the servant are killed, but the lady saves the day by blowing the fuse of the house thus disabling the radio transmitter. The son and the lady live to tell the tale.

In Fanaa, set in Kashmir, the injured Aamir Khan comes to this house which has Kajol, her son and her father. Aamir Khan has the detonator to a nuclear device planned to kill a lot of people but he is stuck in that house because he is wounded and there is a storm. There lives a friend Colonel SomeBody with a radio transmitter. As soon as Aamir Khan's identity is known, he kills the father, kills the colonel, transmits his location to the terrorists (for them to come and pick the detonator) but Kajol saves the day by shooting him down. Yash Raj has added some mother - son, father - daughter, old husband - wife, grandfather - grandson, dead wife - husband, kid - new father etc sentiment to the above story for Indianization. The best was the "presumed dead guy" to the "previously blind girl" sentiment.

Oh maaan! Gimme a break!


Blogger Jass said...

wow.. i just googled the phrase "fanaa vs eye of the needle" and came to ur post.. strangely i was watching the movie eye of the needle n found it so similar to fanaa :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 9:25:00 PM CDT  

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