Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I did not have opportunity to light the fuse of a single firecracker on Deepavali, but I did find the $2000 aerial fireworks over the placid lake, quite the mid-semster respite I had longed for.

As the electronic timers went off with digital precision, the projectile charges were launched into the air with a distinctive "thud" which reminded me of the automatic cannon fire mounted on navy boats. Soon, my analogy to weapons saw parachute flares, anti-aircraft (projectile) and even decoy flares. I could not agree more with the girl standing beside me that, the distant mid air powerful explosions sending shock waves, that we felt in our stomachs, indeed gave us "deepavali" feel.

But, when the cold dark sky exploded in a million colors, the girl beside me cloaked her beautiful salwaar-kameez shimmering in the glow of the exploding fireballs, with a cold dark jacket. Irony I realized, is not without a sense of humour.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Anatomy of a bad prank

I am not sure if this can be made public.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Along came a Tag

Finally somebody tagged me. And then itchy tagged me too! May God bless these souls. As usual, I am going to make the best use of this tag to radiate my goodness, and explain how the world needs me. Thanks Archana and ItchingToWrite.

Rules of this tag:
1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. Mention 9 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

I read that Archana wants to know more about me. hmmm... This is the first time any girl wanted to know about me in about a year, last time it was my mom... but technically mom's curiosity does not count, right?

2. Read ahead to know 10 things about me. I know that there are a lot of married women who read my blog, please don't pester your husbands to be like me. I do not want to disintegrate into hooves with the curse of the "not happily married anymore, thanks to some kid" curse.

i) I am a very not-so dark, not-too tall, but very handsome looking young man. I am smarter than your husband, and cuter than your cat (bad analogy). Let me give you a hint at where I am going: do you have a cute younger sister? you do not like her new weird boyfriend? hmm? Think about me, OK? I have a huge potential to earn BIG. but just not yet. Still learning. Sterling!
If you have a sis,
Give her a kiss!
Yeah, let me sum it up: very good looking, brilliant, humble as an ant and ya, I am available! tada!

In case you want read ahead, I guess you are genuinely considering hooking me up with some awesome looking, cute, gentle, caring girl. So, not going to bore you with advertisements about me.

ii) I am a pure ENFP (it is a Jungian character pattern). I took a test just yesterday and it said I was one without a shred of doubt.

iii) I love guns. Bill Shakespeare summed it up for me
"Disdaining fortune, with brandish'd steel,
smok'd with bloody execution!"
He was talking about swords, though!

iv) I can make attitude transplants. For example, if I am moody I can (If I wish) voluntarily change "bubbly" in less than a min. This is something that makes me look very unstable, but actually lot more in control. I feel like a super human because of this. I know it is a lot of bragging.... but this tag just opened me up!

v) I can, will and usually lie a lot. I wrote a whole post about it. But in the good way.

vi) I am my mom's main rival in cooking. Even though I cannot level quality in everything she cooks, I can pretty much annoy her with my almost good pongal+gotsu, pulikaachchal (a very spicy tamarind sauce that is mixed with rice), pakora/bajji, "awesome manchu" (my version of Gobi). She gets annoyed because she still wants to be the best and so has to continuously think of new and better dishes. Competition is always good, right?

vii) I lurve kids. My bookmarks has so many baby blogs including boo, itwb and b&m. I think I got this gene from my Dad. He can just pick up any kid in any continent and start playing with the baby. He is really good with it, I guess he knows the language. You know what, I think I will have half-a-dozen children. My father will love to have 6 grand-children.
(Oh yeah! if any of you interested girls think you are too cool to have a baby, don't even call me.)

viii) I think I have Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD).

ix) When I am tired I can get drunk with a single beer. It is such a blessing, because I will not have a hangover the next day. It is a blessing, I tell ya. The best part about alcohol is, it has a very special effect on me. I lose my ADD and can concentrate completely without any distractions. I talk slower, not swallow words and nail arguments. I work faster when I am drunk... yeah I work when I am drunk.

x) My name is Pratap and really I am just a kid. I fall in love with every girl who shows the slightest bit of attention to me.

I may not be able to Tag 6 people, as the number of friends in this blogworld is less than 6, and every one of them have been tagged with something similar. I tag Ravi though. He is my roomate. I am sure he will take up the tag: he knows I will poison his dinner otherwise. Check out the photo. The guy who is behind me on the left is Ravi.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


After looking at the toxic fallouts of my previous post, which I rationalized to be because of my deadly three liner, I have decided to restrain from such sexy renditions in future as a service to the mental well-being of fellow poets and intellectuals.

PS: I have been tagged by Archana Bahuguna and ItchingToWriteBlogs. I thank you girls for tagging me. Finally I made friends: I almost cried, ya know. Will do the tag soon.