Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The path of supreme conquest. What is it, that makes it so powerful? Is it the thud of the distant explosion? Why does not the shrewd, the sharp or the clever stand a chance in front of pure power? What is with this brute force that makes it so heroic? Why does your God require power to subjugate the worlds?

They say, too much of power is hard to handle. And power corrupts even the most saintly. They say power breeds greed. Many many sayings, advising ordinary men to stay away from this overwhelming energy source. What does it mean to overpower another entity? The path of supreme conquest.

The path of one overwhelming the other, using pure brute strength. Everyone is vying for power, for muscle power, brain power, nuclear power, chemical power, physical power, processing power, feminist power, biological power, man power, human power, electrical power. Well arent you out there toiling away your prime to get some economic power? Why are most inspirational stories about overpowering the evil? Why does overcoming the other give you such a delight? Is it only human to seek this power? Why do you celebrate it? Why isnt the sick and the weak talked about?

I have noticed that every sports game is designed to make one attain victory over the other. Even democracy is designed to have a weaker opposition, just to make fun of it. The lion which defeats every other animal is given the man made throne of the jungle. Every country in the world has fought a war. There has never been a time in the history of the mankind where the whole world was at peace.

Is your country fighting a war out there? Or are they just waiting for the right moment? What can you do if someone attacks you? Isn't is contagious? this war? Just trace back the steps, Kenya, Bosnia, Kargil, Vietnam, Israel's 6 day war, Palestine, Korea, Suez Canal, Falklands, Kashmir, Balkans, Afghanistan, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chad, Chechnya, Third Reich, Grenada, Cuban, SriLankan/LTTE, Kurushetra, Raavana, Excalibur, Alexander, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Stalin and you will know that countless people have died in vain to seek this. It is my time now. The path of supreme conquest.

Step aside. Or else.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kid Kural

Madras-kku azhagu kuppai, namma
Jothika-kku azhagu thoppai

Courtesy Lollu Sabha team!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Booker? Blooger?

I wonder, what it takes to write something that is worthy of a Booker prize. Of late I have not felt any extra appreciation for Booker winning works, that I would expect it to be. It makes me wonder. What does it take, to be acclaimed by one and all?

I believe to be very independent in my opinion, and I am little swayed by popular voice. Is it just crowd psychology that, once a work has been awarded, people accept it and is easily assimilated as a master piece? How does it feel to to win a Blooger prize?

Surely, I am proud of one short story I wrote some time back. However, it is too personal, and therefore not for the public eye. Truth be told, other than that, I am profoundly disappointed.

Now, I have decided, to write something. Something that touches you. Something that is worthy of a mention. Something less frivolous. Obviously, I will have to work on my spellings, but trivialities and frivolities apart, I am going to open up my imagination.

However, I warn you though, my imagination is at best, compared to a Pandora's box. Caveat emptor!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bollywood Rocks

I don't know why hindi speaking people don't like RajniKanth. Maybe because he is competition for this couple?

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A place holder

A tribute to all the people who ignored. I will always remember you.