Monday, March 17, 2008

Acceptance of mediocrity

When I started blogging, about 3 years back, it was the pure thrill of letting random people see through my thoughts. I have since learned that I am not such an extrovert, however, ideas remain one the favorite things to share through this blog. Then there was a slump, and I had forgotten about this blog for a while, but then, I was introduced to a new generation of bloggers. A set of bloggers who could write masterpieces, such confident vocabulary usage. They were such an inspiration. And for a time it was good.

Fresh minds, random ideas, a million different styles of writing. Multifarious levels of disclosing personal details. Not all blog were happy though, some expressed sadness so beautifully, lots of kid blogs, a few tales to remember.

What saddens me is that fact that, many of the blogs I have personally adored and endorsed previously, have been doing such a sloppy job recently, that it makes me cringe with disappointment. There is one blogger who can write well, (trust me, I have read some of his stories), then I have no idea why he designates to the blog only crappy and second grade half baked posts, and uninteresting reviews about even worse movies and music.

Then there were these ultra popular bloggers, with whom I just got jaded. It so happens some cannot change their styles, or get creative. They were recycling ideas and even words. Some bloggers with nothing to write about, have started writing about their daily lives, which much to my chagrin, is not any more interesting than mine. One brilliant blogger has no time to write, and so runs these competitions where she gets other people to write on some topics.

Mediocrity! Mediocrity! everywhere! How did this go unnoticed? Every morning I open my RSS feed reader, and I have a daily dose of disappointment with my coffee. Forget about creativity, people don't have time to write complete sentences, but are verbose enough to describe a vain banal piece of curio. It does not look like people are even trying, but expect comments for their substandard writing. You think you are cute when you write such stuff? You think it is funny?

The unfettered use of mediocrity has suddenly become the norm. I am not a guy who stands to see this flagrant brandishing of crappiness and not talk about it. If you thought you could get away with all this, watch this space and one day I might be thrashing your blog too! I am not going to tell you how to write your blog. You all know how to write, and what it takes to make it better, lest you want to see the number of visitors dwindle.

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