Saturday, December 27, 2008

Am I really needlessly pusillanimous?

OK people. I am back for real. I have made another resolve on December 27th, to write in my blog regularly. I am speechless at the faith some of the readers have had in me over the last couple of years. Quite a loyal crowd I have.

I must declare it openly, that about 90% of my readers are females. I know! And they email me regularly asking me when they can see me. I know! Which is not surprising, considering how handsome I look. I know! But then that only explains half of it. About half of them have seen how handsome I am and the other half is just dying to see me. I know!

Please wait. There are ways to see me. I will show myself when you have proven yourself.

When I started writing this, then could not really start it. I cracked my knuckles, sipped some coffee. Then chewed the gum and sipped the coffee again -- I tell you, coffee flavored gum is not a great idea. Then thought about something... but nothing seemed worthy of writing, then I realized... "Dude, you are being needlessly pusillanimous!" And tada!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Terrible norm

In a sudden departure from the terrible norm that this blog has been witnessing, I shall begin blogging regularly. :-)

PS: I just could not stand of what blogging has been redefined as of late. A good friend of mine (cannot afford to say the name) has takes her everyday intakes as something blog worthy. Good Lord!