Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This feels weird

I am back from my operation and looks like I might live for a while now :) Btw, Appendicitis is quite painful. That is taken care of now. I am back to blogging which I left without a trace.

I should have probably asked Pratap before I wrote this, but since he gave me complete freedom to write about anything under the sun, here are my two cents. I thought of a million things to write... writing is not a problem for me. The problem was the place. Whatever I could think of was out of place. Maybe it was just me, but if you were me, you would understand.

It is as simple as this "I do not understand this blog." Pratap has been writing this blog for about 3 years now. I did not know him when he started this blog, but I have seen some of his earlier posts which have been long deleted.

They were short, simple to understand. He was almost always angry at somebody. They were cute white pure truths, though. Then there was a shift, which is when I came to know him. His blog suddenly became cryptic. I thought he was needlessly nervous. He developed a strong sense of privacy. He kept reminding me of a private sphere and a public sphere. He stripped every new blog idea of his identity, but struggled to keep the individuality and creativity. His struggle could be seen here. Later he himself wrote in his post, "life's experiences will not become a blog-side accident to be rubbernecked".

Then suddenly, he chose to be funny, and dropped his arrogant style. His English had improved overnight! At once, he had many readers. It looked as though he was waiting for something to happen, and then decided to become funny. He had found a way to write, without giving himself away. Due to this, his blog is completely different from what he is. And, now I too believe in separating the personal sphere from the public. But, I do not know how to write like that. It is hard.

While I am still thinking about my dilemma, here is another thing that I do not understand: Someone sent me lots of roses, for the Valentine's Day without the name! Yay! I would love to know who sent me the flowers!

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Blogger The Kid said...

While most of the ideas of a private sphere was from, Robert Heinlein...

what the heck are you doing? Cant you think of something else to write about?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 12:44:00 PM CST  
Blogger Tohou Lidia said...

Oh you lucky thing! You have a secret admirer :) Maybe it is Pratap ;)

I think i must have started reading this blog when it turned funny...i like funny people :) Don't worry, i think you will go well!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 11:26:00 PM CST  
Blogger iamvisheshur said...

the kid indeed!lol

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 2:49:00 AM CST  
Blogger itchingtowrite said...

hey hope ur health is good now. do than pratap kid for the flowers

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 3:04:00 AM CST  
Blogger Hip Grandma said...

appendicitis has a way of appearing out of the blue.Glad you are done with the unwanted vestige in your body.As for the roses it was me who sent it.poor you!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007 at 6:09:00 AM CST  
Blogger The girl said...

pratap: Yes sir, my Lord. Whatever you say. :p

tohou: I guess I do have a secret admirer and I have an idea who that might be too ;)

vishesh: welcome.

Itchingtowrite: thanks. I am doing better now.

Hiphopgmom: I was hoping it was a guy! Thanks anyways for the flowers.

Sunday, February 25, 2007 at 4:06:00 AM CST  
Blogger The Visitor said...

Well whatever you've written reflects what you wanted to convey, and it was good.
*wearing my psychoanalyst cap*
It shows you to be a thinking aloud person (introspection?) and one who likes to analyse people.

Hope you're not missing dear old appendix, and have fully recovered from the separation.

Monday, February 26, 2007 at 5:08:00 AM CST  

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