Sunday, October 21, 2007

Choose your heros...

A very noble effort by my friend, Subhash. This is a letter from him.

Hi friends,

Did you ever know that India won 150 medals in the Shanghai Special Olympics held this month?. Yes, that's a marvelous piece of fact gone unnoticed. These Champions (participants) from India managed to bag 36 Gold, 44 Silver and 70 Bronze medals. This is quite an incredible accomplishment especially considering the fact that India has never won more than 5 medals* in a single Summer Olympics (competition for 'normal' people) edition. No offense, but its really appalling to see the awareness of the public regarding this.

How can a country like India miss these remarkable achievements earned by their fellow citizens? When the media can show/highlight trivial news about the Indian cricket team, why can't they sensationalize this particular feat? Don't the people know that these are champions who are actually bringing laurels to the country with their 'limited' abilities?

As a mark of respect and pride for these national heroes, I am planning to organize a public awareness campaign. I have personally spoken to Capt. Siva Kumar who heads the Special Olympics Committee for the state of Tamil Nadu. He has offered his complete support to make this happen. The initiative of this campaign is to create public awareness and to emphasize that we are there for them.

To keep it modest (at least for now), I am thinking of having this event for not more than 3 hours. I would definitely need volunteers who can spend a couple of hours working with me. Since most of the guys here have a grueling week, I hope that a Sunday could be the best possible day to make this happen. The next stage from here is to get the names of volunteers who are willing to spend at least 2-3 hours on a Sunday. We will then meet the Captain who will share his experience and give us the boost to get this started. As it is a one off event, I am sure there is someone out there to support me. So please visit this blog anytime to get/share more information. If you can pass it on to someone who is willing to contribute, you have done well.



* Medals tally information from wiki . Information not available for five other editions.
* Online News articles

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