Sunday, October 21, 2007

Choose your heros...

A very noble effort by my friend, Subhash. This is a letter from him.

Hi friends,

Did you ever know that India won 150 medals in the Shanghai Special Olympics held this month?. Yes, that's a marvelous piece of fact gone unnoticed. These Champions (participants) from India managed to bag 36 Gold, 44 Silver and 70 Bronze medals. This is quite an incredible accomplishment especially considering the fact that India has never won more than 5 medals* in a single Summer Olympics (competition for 'normal' people) edition. No offense, but its really appalling to see the awareness of the public regarding this.

How can a country like India miss these remarkable achievements earned by their fellow citizens? When the media can show/highlight trivial news about the Indian cricket team, why can't they sensationalize this particular feat? Don't the people know that these are champions who are actually bringing laurels to the country with their 'limited' abilities?

As a mark of respect and pride for these national heroes, I am planning to organize a public awareness campaign. I have personally spoken to Capt. Siva Kumar who heads the Special Olympics Committee for the state of Tamil Nadu. He has offered his complete support to make this happen. The initiative of this campaign is to create public awareness and to emphasize that we are there for them.

To keep it modest (at least for now), I am thinking of having this event for not more than 3 hours. I would definitely need volunteers who can spend a couple of hours working with me. Since most of the guys here have a grueling week, I hope that a Sunday could be the best possible day to make this happen. The next stage from here is to get the names of volunteers who are willing to spend at least 2-3 hours on a Sunday. We will then meet the Captain who will share his experience and give us the boost to get this started. As it is a one off event, I am sure there is someone out there to support me. So please visit this blog anytime to get/share more information. If you can pass it on to someone who is willing to contribute, you have done well.



* Medals tally information from wiki . Information not available for five other editions.
* Online News articles

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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Got smooched !!

Yipee! I got smooched BIG TIME today! you know what the best part about being smooched by this lady ? I will be blessed with a lover in the next 10 days! can you believe that ?

OK! OK! I hear ye, let me explain.

Once upon a time, there was a huge shallow sea, in which shiny simmering shell fishes gave their lives to God but gave their shell to become sedimentary rocks, in what is now most of mainland North-America. After millions of years, the limestone was fizzed away by the natural acids, leaving behind a beautiful cave, which has colorful stalactites that grow from the roof of the cave and strong stalagmites rising from the ground. There is one such treasure in Wisconsin, "The cave of the mounds".

These caves are blessed with cave angels, (Ok... this is the part where you would think that I start making stuff up!) who protect the caves and blesses the good. It so happens these angels are always girls, very cute and these angels lowe handsome guys. So, the myth goes that these angels try to kiss the cutest of guys in the cave and to the guy who visits the cave it feels like a water droplet falling from the roof of the cave.

I visited this cave of the mounds today and felt at least ten or fifteen such kisses. Yay ! the cave kissed me! She kissed me everywhere, my face, head, shoulders, hands, etc etc. It should give you an idea of how handsome I am.


This is a draft I wrote more than a year ago. Just found it lying, uncared for. I found it very funny to read. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


I just realized that blog hoppers are pretty brutal. I took a break for just 2 months, and the number of visitors trickled to a mere few per day :(

Now I have to actually write about creative things, make you feel strong about something, empathize with me or someone, talk about something special and bloody think about it too. Why can't you all be nice kids, and comment for the random crap I write here, like before?

I noticed a special effect too. The number of visitors is not a function of good writing but the popularity of the person. There is one particular newbie blogger, whose name I shalt not utter (but rhymes with pushti and nasty :p ) who seems to enjoy immense popularity, even though she writes only once a while.

The world is so unfair. Goddamn it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back from slumber!

Something weird happened to me. On September 29th, I had a cocoa drink that my roommate mixed up for me, and I am not sure what happened after that. I just woke up 2 hours back, and started blogging in a desperate attempt to understand what happened to me.

What kind of chemical can induce sleep for 2 weeks?

It was not like coma, because I had a dream. The dream felt very real, where I continued to live the life as I know it, except for a few major differences.

On September 30th, in my dream (I am not sure if it was the same date in the real world and all dates and times mentioned henceforth shall be in dream time and not real time) I was writing some code and was too tired and slept off on the desk (yes I slept off in my dream). I suddenly woke up to see a message on my monitor, "Wake up, Kid". I was shocked to find my computer talk to me, and suspected it to be some hacker playing with me, and I had to do something quick or could lose a lot of research data, when there was another message "Who are you trying to get rid off? Me? Do you really know who I am?"

I was now very certain that this was the handy work of a hacker, and more certain that my computer had been compromised. I was also interested to know what particular "software exploit" the hacker had used, so the first thing I did was unplug it from the internet.

There was another message on the screen, "It is a pity you think I am hacker. I am the one person, who can show you the real world, the reality, the truth!".

Now I was about to scream, because this was really eerie. Is this a ghost in the shell?

The message continued, "You have seen many machines, and wondered if it has a life on its own. It is the question that drives you, Kid."

What question? I have many questions, and which question is this hacker talking about? I remember, yesterday I was wondering why toothpaste was white in color most of the time, is this the question the hacker is talking about?

I asked the hacker. "Yes, it is the question that drives me. Why is my toothpaste white?"

The hacker replies, "Come with me and I shall show you how deep the rabbit hole goes (Oooh! reference to Alice in wonderland!) or you can stay and live your rut of a life, brushing your teeth day after day, without knowing what it is!"

To be continued...

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